Monday, October 12, 2009

#1 I am just fucked up

Posted by -H-

1.59 am:
i admit it. i am totally fucked up. i mean i have no fucking idea what the hell is going on in my head. I am like a robot i just do things i am supposed to do as well as i can.( and at the moment i cant handle even that) i am so numb i dont fucking care that i have a big test tomorrow. i had the hole weekend to study but what did i do? Ding-ding i binged like the wold is going to end.
I mean i have never been so depressed and sad and so "i dont fucking care about anything". it is so late and i should go to sleep becaue i have to wake up tomorrow at and go to scool but fuck school.

In a better note i took out my tarot cards today and well if they are right i am going to have a really good boy relationship soon. God i hope the cards a right. i mean i really need some cuddling.

I am off to bed now. i will uptade in the evening and report how my first day went. jeah i am restarting my weight loss programm ( ofcoures this is like my hundret first day, but hell who cares)

sry i am in a really depressed/bitchi mood after my binge and also some god damn Boy problems.