Friday, October 16, 2009

#5 60.0kg

Posted by -H-

I mean 100g more(that is 0.22ibs) and i wold have reached my goal to be in the fifties by 16.October. But no i could not be like 59.9 i had to be 60.0. i am do mad mad, but okey lest face it. I lost 2.7 kg(6ibs) i 4 days. That is like fantastic. well of course at least half of that was water weight from my binge weekend so i dont think i lost that much fat. But anyways i would have been perfect to be 59.9. Argghhh.

Intake: 470
That is soup plus bread. I also had a dessert at school a cup of yogurt(135kcal)t but i did not eat it. I took it home, it is in my refrigerator at the moment. I tought that if i get like really hungry i can eat it, but then i read my blog comments and Ana Girl suggested that we should not eat anything sweet. so i am not eating that Yogurt. You are so great Ana's girl. We are strong and can make it. No sweet stuff no more today or any food at all in that matter.

So plan for the weekend:
Friday-no food after 12am( last meal school lunch)
Saturday- No food until like 4pm.
We are going to a party with E and we are staying at her grandmother house so supper will be a must. Because i will not have any excuse to say no because i will spend the hole day with E and she will know that i have not eaten anything all day. But i will keep the intake low. max 500kcal.
also party means alcohol but i dry not to go overboard. I mean i usually dont drink that much. i just want a good buzz not i am so fucking drunk i cant walk. And on an almost empty stomach i will reach mu buzz really fast.
Sunday- breakfast at E grandma's place and then no food.

By the way Ana's Girl M is blond and T is brunette. so what a coincidence. and also M is really sweet and T is more of a EGO and bad boy. i mean i once cried because of him and i like cry like less than once a year. But T is with a better body and the sexual tension between us is like wow.

so do you want to see pictures about me?
i mean like a head shot because i am too ashamed to show my body just jet. so maybe i will post some pictures on sunday


SBB said...

Love to see some pics of you hun!
Any loss is weight loss, regardless of if it is water weight or fat. Be proud!! You still managed to drop some pounds!
I planned on being 140 but no my stupid body is stuck at 144... so we just have to push it through! You'll be in the 50's in no time hun!