Friday, September 4, 2009


Posted by -H-

That was the number on the scale today morning, i should have been 60 kg so i am behind my goal for 0,4kg. That is bad but as the way i am eating i didnt expect a miracle. I kown i should not consume so much cals but if i dont eat well at breakfast and lunch my stomach will start being and asshole and make noises from hell. Anywasy at least i am loosing. But the progress will be slow and i will hate that it takse so long but well eventually i will be skinny. i mean when i wanted a fast loose i didnt eat much for days and then binged like a cow.
I had PE today. I was so damn hot there because i was wearing a long sleaved sweatshirt. But there was no way in hell i would have taken it off. I would have looked so discusting with my tight gym t-shirt. i was a idiot when i cleaned my closet i threw away all my big shirts so i would have to loose weight or nothing would fit me. Also it mean that all my shirts are now really tight and i have nothing suitable to wear for PE.

Bread: 150
Soup: 200
Milk dessert: 240

Running: -400

I eat lunch at school so some of my cals are not as accurate but that is the best i can do.


Ana's Girl said...

Oh i hate it when my stomach growls; it always waits until everything else is quiet too. And then i can't tell people that i'm not hungry because they just heard my stomach making noise. It's quite annoying. Stay strong, sweetie. You'll have some suitably fitting shirts soon if you just stay strong.