Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Posted by -H-

My mom had an "do you have anorexia?" conversation with me. I said no. i dont know did he believe me or not. Heaven knows i am not skinny enough to be anorexic. Well she thinks i have problems because she found my laxatives ( stupid me, should have hidden them more carefully) and also she saw or read a page from my diary( i wanted to kill her).
At least i am 18 so there are not a lot of things she can do besides the long conversations she wants to have where i talk about my feelings and stuff. Jeah mom that is never going to happen.
i have 10 months to live with her and then i will be of to university or to another country. So that will be great. At this point i just want my mom to leave me alone.

Anyways i had a great time with my friends yesterday. We drank some champagne, did some pictures and just talked and laughed. Food was bad but at least i stopped myself from binge eating but lets say i was no where near anorexia.
But i did go running or actually it was jogging. well i have this plan that i go jogging at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes. but i think i can do better and maybe even 6 times a week but 3 is minimal.
anywas i have this new plan i will eat breakfast and lunch and no dinner. and weekends i will eat 700 Saturday and fast on Sunday. Sunday is a really good day to fast beacause i cant binge when i finish my fast( i binge every time i try to fast) because i it will be Monday morning and i have to go to school.


Ana's Girl said...

Yikes. Try not to let her pressure you into eating a lot now that she has her suspicions, that's what my mom tried when she found out about my food issues. Good thing you're 18 tho. I was so relieved to hear that there's nothing they can do once you're 18. ;)

Sounds like you've got a fantastic plan going on. Stick with it!

Thinantha said...

i hope to never have that conversation with anyone!

Mine would go like this:

"Daughter, do you have anorexia?"
"No, mom, I only wish I had that kind of willpower."

Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds like a good plan, just stick to it!

God, I would be so awkward if my mother would start talking about that with me. I don't have any meaningful conversations with her, just wanna get out of here.

As for your question, yes I do exercise. But lately I haven't been doing much but in general I have 3 football (soccer) practises a week and two athletic practises, but sports haven't started yet so I have no idea what to do. I do occasionally jogg and should do more of that. I also sometimes go swimming.

Rachel B said...

I'm so sorry about your mom finding your laxatives... I almost slipped up and my sister saw me taking mine (she barged into my room, I thought I was safe). I told her they were multivitamins.

At least we have school, where no one can monitor our (non) eating?