Saturday, September 5, 2009

wehen shit happens it just piles

Posted by -H-

So i did my homework. What is great because usually i do it Sunday late evenings or not at all. You know it is good to be the "good girl" sometimes. All my teachers think that i am this sweet and really good girl and sometimes i am. And i do care about people but in the end i am the most important person for me.
All my friends say that i am a person who wants to achieve more and more and is really determined. And AMBITIOUS. That is so true because i want to be the best in everything. There is no second place. It is the winner and the looser.

I am watching
Supersize Vs. Superskinny. Really good.

I hate being at home i just snack constantly. And that ads up way too much food. Usually i go to the fridge and just eat there. i dont put my food on the plate and that really has to stop.
about 2500, damn honey


Ate like a fucking big. I really need some good distractions.
Went running, sprained my leg what means i ran like 30 minutes only.
Mom is now really spying on me. Found out that i took a laxative pill i denied but i dont really thing she bought me.
I just wish she would leave me fucking alone.


Ana's Girl said...

Oh i do the same exact thing when i'm at home... and lucky me, i'm grounded, meaning i'm home for an entire month. Trying to break that fridge-grazing habit. Good luck breaking yours as well. We can do it!

Haha. My mom won't even keep laxatives in the house... Must get some of my own soon...

sadhana said...

Hey - let me know about the hula hoop thing.

You sound like a perfectionist - like me - like all of us. I think that is great, honestly! How funny is that?!

Savory Sweet said...

I am OBSESSED with that show. I almost want to be that thin JUST so I can be on that show and be like "ew ew ew food" and they can put my tiny intake in the food tube thing. Gah that would be amazing. And all the girls are like "What? My period stopped... but I didn't think anything was wrong... no no I don't have food issues..."