Thursday, June 4, 2009

fist day

Posted by -H-

So i moved into my summer flat yesterday what is great because now i can diet like i want because ther isnt my mother how would keep an eye on me and also i have no temtations like chocolate, cakes, or suger laying around.
well only a small problem is my flatmate and good friend but usuall i just say that i ate at work so she will not ask questions why am i not eating.

So i work as i waitress usually in the evening time 6pm till 2am or 4am next morning. So that burns a lot of calories.
I just have to stop snaking at work. i am just so hungry and then i tend to snak very unhealty food ther what usually contain much fat and are fried in oil. I just have to stop doing that. I might eat a filling and healty dinner at home and then brush my teeth so i will not snack there.

i just hate how much weight i have put on. my jeans what were once loose are now... well i have troble putting them on. also my tights are rubing against eachother that is what i HATe the most and well also the muffin tops and the fact that do to my body time i have no waist. so i have to be thin to have a nice defined waist.

i dont want to be like so supper skinny that i look that i am about to die. i just want to look thin, slender (well i dont konw the right word for it) just i want to have a nice weight what looks good on me and is also containable. i want to loos weight and then i want to maintain it for a lifetime with healty exercise and food plan. At least that is my plan.

It is raining as hell outside so i cant even go to the beach. what really sucks. i want to have a nice colden tan because i think taht i look way better and also skinnier when i am tanned.

I am actually in an public internet spot because i dont have net in my new flat. i am thinking of buying myself a laoptop. Would that be a good idea?

Well i dont need it at home, because there i have a regular computer but i just dont know is it worth the money.
because here i can juse the public internet spot when ever i have the time and well also when it is opened.

PS! sry for all the spelling misteks i might do, English is not my first language.
i have a spelling chek at home but here they dont have it.

Yesterdays intahe:
2 like these fast soup 400 cal
well actually i cant remeber what the hell i ate. have to start writing stuff down. But it wasent more than 1000cals.

Todays intake:
coffe+ piece of sugar
3 bread+ low fat ham

I will edid so time soon... probably will have a small dinner to before work


R Harlow B said...

i want a laptop so bad... i say get one!

Thinantha said...

I laid outside for 2 hours today, and I have a nice tan line! Tanning feels so good.. and it's definitely slimming. Just don't get burned!

Oh and I found a way to keep track of what I eat daily - it realllllly works for me. On your cell, use the "notepad" or writing function (if you have one.. or just use texting..) to type down what you eat or how many calories it was. If I don't know, I use to check - it's sooo simple. Plus your cell is ALWAYS with you wherever you go. Hope that helps! :)