Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Posted by -H-

well in the subject of fatness i might say that i also dont like to watch fat people but i might add that it is the best thinspiration if you see a fat person in the beach but also it makes me wantto throw up a little too.
and i might add that my last post was weird when i read it today. i actually dont like fat people but i am happy that i dont look like them .
you can see way to much fat people in public transportation.sometimes i just have to urge to screm them that they should step off the bus and walk.

i had a good day i was walking in the beach (there were a only a few people because it was raining) and this really hot guy ran past me and well i just enjoyed the sight :D


faz77 said...

Yeah fat people are very good thinspo! The best thing for me is when you them eating fast food. It really helps me remember what eating crap like that can do to my body. I wish I lived near a beach *jealous. The hot guys are always running! lol

Thinantha said...

It's just getting really hard to keep points and keep track of ALL my calories, I'm sick of it! I have lost about 4 pounds in the last two weeks... it sorta scares me, but I love it! I totally binged all yesterday, I feel like crap.

Honestly though. I probably won't up my intake... it'll probably stay around 800..

I totally agree though, fat people are good thinspo hahaha.

stay strong!