Saturday, June 6, 2009
Posted by -H-

So my days have been wery work related.
SO yesterday i had a 10 hour workday. and we had so many custumers. and i think i walked/jogged all that time so i had to burn some serious fat... pluss i was carrying heavy bear muggs.
also my legs a sore. Have you got any good tips how to treat my pore leegs.

Drunk people especially men can be fucking assholes. shure i want to go out with you when you pinch my butt and look as old as my granddad . shure i want to be with you when you cant even stand up strait. one point i will probably slap someone.

My food intake has been all over. about 1000 cals or less.
Oh and i will try that mobime texing trick. thnks btw.

I have to think about my laptop. i will see if i can aford it when i get ,my paycheck.

I really need sun. Please.

will go shopping now. probably will not find anything that would fit me...

Also i have the most problem with my belly area especially the bottom part of it..
what exersices i can do at home that actually help tone it .