Friday, June 26, 2009
Posted by -H-

i am such a flat stomach junky

i had a bad day yesterday and i hate it. god i look so fat at tha moment. i am starting a food diary/notebook today and hope it helps.
i am staying under 800cals for 4 days and then i will go to a dance camp for 6 days and there i have to eat what they offer us. then i have 6 days of under 800.
then i have a camp for 3 days and there i try to eat as little as i can get away with.

i feel fat and ugly.

i dont want to go to work. i just dont. hate it i am so tired.
i cant believe that one month of summer is already over i havent done anything very interesting just working and sleeping and eating.
i feel miserable i want to have fun. i am thinking that i will work for July and then August i will just rest and have fun.


Lola said...

I feel fat and ugly, too. I love flat stomachs and I wish I had one. Your blog is inspiring!

Here's mine: