Saturday, June 13, 2009
Posted by -H-

Well thanks for all your comments.
i hope you are doing great and losing weight

So my legs are killing me because all this walking i have to do at work but i ceep reminding myself what a good exercise it is. I had such a good day yesterday at only about 800cals (what is very good considering i had ma bringe last Wednesday and Thuesday) also i had a good day at work because i didnt eat a single thing there only drank a lot of lemon water.
todays plan is not to go over 800 but i probably do even better.

i had so good thinspo at work. there were tow girl who were like only bones. their collrbones whwr showing so much and on of the grils sholder bones where seen at least 2 cm. dead skinny.

i havent gotten much sleep to do my roommate who wakes up earlyer because she dosent have to work at night and well when she opens her eyes also she mouth opens and she just cant shut up. it is so anoying. really i want to sleep not listen to you chatting about stupid stuff. also she speaks to herself when she is in the other room.
like today she couldn't start the coffe maker so she was like:"go one stupid thing, start to work, need some coffe" (god i want to sleep not listen to you talking to the coffe maker)
---sry for the complaining but it anoyes me---
also in the morning when i ate only 200g of yoghurt she asked:"aren.t you coing to eat anything else?"
And i was like : "i ate at work before i cot home so i am full" (love to eating at work excuse)
Then she was like:" i also ate at work, i orderd a pizza(she works at the pizza place so she can eat them for free)
And then i was thinking to myself:#jeah go eat those pizzas and you will never have a flat stomach (she has a big stomach i might add)
i can say that she is i bit thinspo for me because i dont want that ugly fat stomach.
do you have any close thinspirations?