Monday, June 1, 2009
Posted by -H-

so it is the of June and i am going to start my diet plan.
So i am thing of 500-800cals a day (i have a pretty active work and i cant pass out there)
7-11 or 12 will have the Master Cleanse.
God i hope i can do that. usually i am a total FAIL when it comes to fasting.

Today's menu:
Chicken 350 cal
Milk pudding 200 cal
Ice cream 150 (i was out with my friends and the boys brought us ice-crem so i coldnt say now without looking a weirdou)

But i cycled 30min, swam 30min and played hardcore football/soccer with boys so that must be total like -700cal

So do you also have that feeling that something is missing in your life but you cant put your finger on it(cant say exactly what you need to be perfectly happy?)
i have that feeling and usually i try to stuff the hole in my sole with food, but that will make me even more miserable.

oh great i am going swimming with a group
where there is this boy with who i have this thing.
and well i look just awful in a bikini.
i am such and idiot, i bringed yesterday and today is a new beginning.


Thinantha said...

I am starting my new diet plan today too! good luck girl!