Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Posted by -H-

Last night wass so bad. i was hurting so much. hate him but still want him to be near me and hold me. i am so depressed.
so at five R called and said i didnt have to go to work. I was clad at first because we had a national celebration that day what mean a big party. i thought i cold no do something fun. so i live in a small town but for the summer i moved to another town to go to work. so i called this Guy T and asked if he had any plans. he said no. so i asked him will i catch a bus to my hometown or will they be coming here. He said that they will come BUt THE DID NOT COME. god i was so upset, i even cried a bit (i dont cry at all) i was so upset and well i wanted to call him but i stopped myself.
HE hurts me but still i want to be with him. why wont it stop.
had a bad food day to about 1900 cals.
i have an sunburn too.