Sunday, July 19, 2009

DAy 10: 56,4

Posted by -H-

i dont know who i should thank for this but... i am happy that i dropped a few grams...
Good thing i did that cycling yesterday probably that was what saved me... today i am going to be good very good indeed...
6 pm
Mum just got home and boy did she do some grocery shopping... shit. i am in hell, at least she bought the lemon i asked.. i need it for my water because i dont like plain water so much also lemon will speed up your metabolism...
she also bouht some strawberris...that will be mu dinner for tonight
i just finished my strawberries, i eat too much of them but they where so good and also fruit and they contain so few cals and i am proud that i didnt eat that cheese my mom bought (i cant resist tha cheese normaly, i eat it plain because it is so good but so high on cals, but i didnt eat it)
i am also on my period so i dont know if that has anything to do with my apetite..??...

In: bread(200), chicken(200), 2carrots(50), white bread(100), STRAWBERRIES(have no idea but more that i should have had, but they where so good)


Anonymous said...

Lemon in you water is good for cleansing your system, especially your liver. That's important for weight loss. I drink water & lemon all the time and I love it. To deal will all the food in the kitchen you should only go in there with a specific plan in your mind. I know that any time I go into the kitchen with no plan I get overwhelmed by choices and decisions and have to go think about what I want somewhere else. Best of luck to you deary!!


Dot said...

Good job on resisting the cheese! :D I know when I'm on my period I get the biggest appetite : ( I'm sure you're fine with the strawberries. A medium strawberry only has 4 calories ; )
Stay strong <3

Rhianna said...

Stay Strong sweets!

Good job on resisting the cheese, im the same.