Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Posted by -H-

So it is past midnight and my fats begins...not sure how long it will last but at least 24 hours
so i am doing a "to Do list" so i will have something to do rather than eat.
and i might worn you that todays post is going to be a long one beacuse i need to keep myself occupied...

"To Do List"

  • Find great thinspo pictures
  • Make a great Thinspiration video
  • Write at least 4 pages to my "Paper diary"
  • Find new good songs and download them to my mp3 player
  • Exercise: cycling 2 hours, running 45 min,
  • Make a muscular workout routine and post it here
11 am
So hopped on the scale this morning and it showed 58.5kg so i have put on 2 hole kilograms with my binge eating yesterday and with my not so good eating the day before...
i needed to see that number so i could realize that i dont want that number and i am not going to binge anymore...
and my stomach is crowling and very noisy but sry no food for you today

dont want to talk about it...

i can consume as many calories as daly basic as i burn of exercising...

diid and hour of cycling... that is just so little compared to the amount of food i consumed... and i was doing so good...