Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still DAy 7

Posted by -H-

Some macaroni 150
Apple croissant 450

exercise- cycling -600
did some abs (
not much though)

I am looking for different exercises for abs, legs, but and arms... so i can make up an workout plan. if you have any good exercised post please...
i will post my plan when i get mu lazy ass working to finish it...

I bought some sugar replacement today because i drink so much tea and coffee but i cant drink them without sugar so i had to buy it.
i am feeling so fucking fat because of the binge eating yesterday. Going to weigh in tomorrow morning... afraid that the number will be big...

Mom bought some cauliflower. was so happy because it is so few cals.
Then she
boiled it an added some butter WTF. god i hate it so much.. now i cant eat it but i want to... fucking mother...i have the feeling that she wants to fat me up...
we havent had a good relationship these past month or two because she anoyes me so much and she cant understand that i want to be skinny and beautiful.. she just makes fuud that makes me fat...

I want to be THIN right now... not to wait... why the hell did i let it go so far that i ma such a fat ass at the moment.. why didnt i control myself more...
I need to reach 51 kg before 1-st of September. When school starts.


Marca said...

Oh.., I'm sorry you have had a rough time lately, but stay strong and it will be better. I'm sure you haven't gained all your weight back. Sometimes I feel that too, but normally that doesn't happen over so few days.
I also use sugar replacement in tea and coffee. It tastes just like sugar, but without all the calories. Of course, it is some calories in it, but that's sooo few.
Stay strong hon..., we CAN do this!