Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 2: Fucking rain

Posted by -H-

tomato 40
banana 100
cottage cheese 320
white bread 60
apple 160

I have a training plan also but it is raining so i dont want to go running but if it stops i will kick my butt and start running.

What do you think how often should i weigh myself?

PN!Jogging for 45 min burns 400 cals
PN=personal note to myself

So i finally got my ass up and running at 8.00pm. even though i had a massive blister on my heel.
i was happy and running and then about five minutes after i had left the house it started pouring rain. FUCKING GREAT. The day i start my workout is the day it rains like hell. so much hate this at the moment. But it will be ok i will just do my today's running tomorrow morning(if it stops raining) and do my tomorrows workout tomorrow evening.
i cant bare to see my body in front of a mirror. i just hate the sight.

i also need to think a reward for myself when i reach my goal weight...
and a reward for the half point what is 55kg.
any suggestions?


Marca said...

I think it's better to weigh myself like every other day, because then you'll see a bigger different :D
Hope your okay?! <3

Matilda B. said...

hey!! yup i agree with marca, i prefer weighing myself like once a week or once every two weeks so i can see a real change! i used to be obsessed with the scale :S hehe. But then i realized that by weighing constantly i only ended up depressed... and depression always leads me into binging!!