Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DAy 5-6: FAil

Posted by -H-

i dont even want to write anything.
the camp was so much fun.
the EAting was horrible. i am back to where i started probably even more. gone weigh myself Friday morning and hop i have lost some of this weight.
i lost so much in 3 days but is probably was just water weight not fat.
we played volleyball at the camp. it was hot and i put on my bikini then looked myself at the mirror and putted the shirt back on. i haded the way i looked.
i dont want to be the fat kid. i want to slim down. but todays eating was just so horrible.
oh why i do this to myself..?
gona start new tomorrow. no more than 600 cals and this time i am sticking to that.

i am feeling so numb lately, I WANT TO BE THIN AGAIN

i love all your comments BTW.
and i am going to watch "Perfect body" tomorrow if i get the chance