Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 4: 58.7

Posted by -H-

That's the number on the scale this morning. i think all of your lovely girls who are following know the exited, happy, jolly, high feeling you get when you step on a scale and the number is lower than the day before. i so much hope that you are doing great too. I know you are. we are strong and will make our dreams happen. (jeah i am an really happy person at the moment)
of course i hope i will not gain some of it back in my camp.... but i am sure that i will at least maintain my weight maybe even lower it a bit. i wanted to go running (i have a workout plan what says i should run for 45 min today) but it was raining so no running. i am thinking of skipping breakfast but i will see how i am feeling. i have this weird feeling in my head. it is not aching but this weird i dont know even how to describe it...


Marca said...

Awesome - you are doing sooo great!
Hope your camp will be good, I'm sure it will.
Stay strong XD