Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 3: making it

Posted by -H-

cottage cheese 40
cucumber 10
"pelmeen" 550
peach 40
apple 100
it is totaly too much but now i just cant eat anything for the rest of the day. it is at tha moment. good give me strength.
Training: Biking 1,5hours -600cals
(i calculated on different sites and that is what was about the average result)

Mom made a "nice" breakfast so i just had to eat because she would have been so like: why are you not eating? what is wrong? blah blah
pelmeen-it is quite small ball what contains meat and around the meat is some dough, not very healthy :(
Today has been an excellent day. i found some marvelous thinspiration and i also had a long workout what burned a lot of cals. i might also go running in the evening because i could not go yesterday because of the rain.

I am going to a camp sort of a thing tomorrow for 3days. i hope i will have fantastic time there with my friends and i also hope to make some new acquaintances. maybe there will be hotsmoking guys. my love life really needs a boost at the moment.
i have this thing with this one guy who i really like but well i feel just too FAt at the moment to ask him if he wants to start dating me again...
ok the biggest downfall of this camp is that i have to eat there or my friends get all worried. i was really skinny last year and some of them where worried about me. but hell i got so many flattery compliments from them and other people about how good i look.
now i dont hear many compliments if any at all. you can say that normal girl are the prettyest but hell it is not true. Slim, fragile and petite girls get all the atention.
now i am at a normal weight and hate it want to get back to that i was.

i am downloading biggest looser hope it will make a good thinspo.
have any film/tv show suggestions what i might watch for thinspo.


Greene said...

I find that any type of workout show is good, or some reality shows like ANTM or The Fashion Show/Project Runway.
As far as film, if you can handle triggering material, THIN is an amazing documentary.
Stay strong<3