Friday, August 21, 2009

002: Shopping day

Posted by -H-

well the short plan for today is to eat nothing until dinner which i cant skip because i am dining with my mom and her friend but well i try to stay under 700cals (what id my new dayly limit)
also i will do a lot of walking tomorrow because of the shopping so that will be great.
i actually should go to bed because i have to wake up 5.30am in the morning to catch the bus to the city. i will be there for two days. i can probably update about how it went tomorrow late evening.
2 days of shoppinf a heaven for me... now i just have to get skinny and pretty again.

i will no replay to some of your posts:
Dot: thanks for your motivational post. i think you are always so positive. and you really cheer me up

journey to perfection: thanks for your positive post. you are right after every failure there come aƄother day and then we can pick the pieces up and start working again
Ana's Girl: Thanks. i hope i can to it this time... i just have to. i think i actually have some eyeliner somewhere but i just have to start using it more often.
Lady Destroyed: I will definitely look up that brand The Coty you suggested. Thank you much.

lottietogo: wow thanks for the long and very helpful comment. roaccutane-i will haras my doctor with that, usually she gives me things what doesent work.also i have a new blog to follow now.

i didnt think that i would get so lonf and helping comment. thank you all so much.