Thursday, August 20, 2009

i just went a bit nuts

Posted by -H-

i am swimming in a ocean trying to get to my destination... but the huge waves just come crushing down on me trying to drown me, keep me away from my goals... but i wount give up without a fight i will do anything and fight with all my hart ... although sometimes i get disorientated but with a little help i will get back on my track... and other times the waves are so strong that they bull me back to that dark place but i will be stronger next time and will not let the waves play with me and cruch me... and if needed i will start over again and i know that one day i will succeed ...
and i will be on that marvelous beach with smooth sand and blue waters with a kick as perfect body (that every girl wants to kill and every man wants to date)
and probably i will have a really hot guy there with me (or many hot guys depending on my mood)


Ana's Girl said...

"or many hot guys depending on my mood" Lol. I loved that. Keep fighting against those waves. Much love.