Thursday, August 6, 2009

#6: lack of something

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Well today so far i have had a nice bread with tomato and a small piece of bread. then i had to ruin it with some hot coco at my moms office... i had a whole mug of it and well that was really sugar orgasm for my system although i pushed the no sugar button on the machine several time aparently it didnt work because well the coco was SWEET and well then i had to top it of with 2 chocolate candies(the where small though)

it is just that if i dont eat sweet stuff i really dont want any but once i start i just cant stop. well i think i have consumed about 300clas today with the coco well that leaves me about 300 for dinner... usually i dont count liquids but the coco was just so sweet and full of cals that i had to count that.

so i have been doing quite well i the exercising department.  Monday -1000,Tuesday-500,Wednesday-450 only thing is that my legs a getting sore from all this cycling i might skip today but maybe i will push myself a bit more and do a nice hour and a half of peddling. i should also start doing some ab workouts because well that is the main problem area... its like my legs a stick thin but i still have fat on my stomach... i am just so perfectionist but lazy in department of doing abs...also i need to do some butt workout to done it so i would look better and perkier after i lost the weight, because as my scale number shrinks my butt also follows and i dont like it very much...

any good butt and abs workout routines you know of?

I just bought some fish oil suplement because the healthy eating book said we need omega-3 what we get mostly from fish but i rarely eat fish so i bought some tablets... also i am taking vitamin tablets... i really like this book i was reading the other day because it talk about what minerals, vitamins, and other nutrions we get from different foods... it is a good read especialy when i want to start eating healthily and maintaining my weight when i have reached my goal... because i cant starve myself for ever i am not that good and i think that balanced eating and exercising is the best way to maintaing a hot body and good health... the book also talked about how to lose the weight in a healthy way but really 2.5kg a month is way to slow progress for me that means that i would reach my goal weight in January but hell i want to bee skinny and hot now. not in January. Also there was a topic about ana and well when i read all the signs that show you have it... well i like have 90% of them... well i am not underweight and well i dont afraid food i just afraid that too much food will make me fat...

do you recommend any other suplemets what are good for your skin, nails and hair?

"Since 14 is not fat either"by Meg Gabot is a murder mystery and romance book. it is well written, has a thrilling  storyline  and good jokes. i really recommend you to read it :D the only thing about the book that anoys me is that the women Heather is a size 12 and well she thinks she is fat but still eats bread with cream cheese and bacon for breakfast and drinks coffee with whipped cream...who the hell does that????... am i going nuts because now even book carricters eating habits anoy me..?.. but still it is a GOOD book.

I have realized that i have small crush on one of my class mates. like we have been in that same class for 9 years and i have had no interest in him but now this happens... like really...what the hell i am thinking of...wait a minute... i am not thinking that is the howl point... he would never-ever date me.... at least i think he would not... 

have i mentioned a am a virgin... and well at the moment it is pothering me so much... i had a chance to get rid of it with a boy i really like but i didnt because well our relationship was so messy at that time and well i just felt that it wasnt the right time... now i regret it so much... really i am like the weirdest person ever...  when i cant i want to sleep with someone and experience real sex but when i have to canche i am like no i cant to this... like WTF...??... FINE I ADMIT IT: I AM A SEXUALLY FUSTRATED PERSON.... 

and in my life there is really lack of sexable guyes

well i guess i could get i guy but i really need more self-confident because i really lack it....

i am rambling all over the place but it is so much nicer to write to actually people rather than to my diary.  and also i feel that i am like asking way to much...

i will get to go and a shopping spree on 21 of August. i cant wait... also i am getting a hair cut but i am not sure what stile i will be getting... but still ... i also need some advise from the hairdresser... because i dye my hair blond al the time they are really dry... dose anyone know any good products that help to keep my hair soft, shiny and undamaged...?????....

i flushed some fried potatoes yesterday because i had to put on a look that i ate something more than a few slices of bread yesterday... usually i dont want to throw away food..i think it is a waste of money but hell i dont need my mother go all insane because she realizes i am eating so little....

Milk mouse:

4-4.5 dl green/black tea

1-0.5  dl milk

2tablets of sugar replacement

-that is the thing i get high these days.. i usually drink that stuff at least  1l a day... i mean i really should stop consuming so much sugar replacement(you know it contains bad things ) but i just cant drink the without sweetener and well sugar is not an option for me.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS AND ENGOURAGMENT, i will now go and try to catch up on some of your bloggs...

and so sorry for all the spelling mistakes... i might do. it is due to my fast typing and well English is not my mother tongue so jeah...sry and hope you understand everything i write

see jah

PS! this boy sitting next to me in the libary is checking me out... too bad he is not my type... maybe i have to high expetations but... or maybe he is just watching what i am reading... well i am paranoid... if someone i knew would find this blogg i would have to kill the person i move to another continent

ps! i am going to see if i can find some book about healthy eating or low cal food book from the libary


sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

well done on the control
don't worry about the coco too much, i don't about fluids a lot coz i think i'm just gonna pee it out anyway, lol
& i so understand about the sugar orgasm, lool
when i have some, i can't stop!it just feels so good :(

how old are you? being a virgin isn't bad at all..

i am 5foot5.
goodluck sweetie.

Anonymous said...

master your metabolism by jillian michaels is a great book.

so is skinny bitch.

vitamins for your skin/nails.. l-lysine. :) keep up the good work.

Dot said...

Totally agree on the sugar..once I eat it I crave it. But if I can go a few days without it, I stop craving it : /
Really good job with the exercise! : D That's so wonderful that you are trying to be healthy! Vitamin E for hair and skin. I can't take supplements though. They make me throw up no matter what. So I have to try and find other ways...I have this organic coconut hair thing that you put on the ends after you shower. It really helps. I also drink dandalion tea for clear skin, green tea helps with everything too.
Pilates are a great way to tone abs and all over. You can look up some easy exercises online. ; )
I'm sure that boy would like you! You're so sweet and smart. You should go for him!
Don't feel bad about being a virgin. Really, don't. It's soooo much better to wait. I lost it way young and regret that so much. Don't try to force and make sure to lose it to someone who really cares about you and deserves you.
For your hair, you can make an easy hair mask out of olive oil, eggs, and avocado. Also, get a shampoo that is sulfate free. Will really help your hair.
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

Sugar is the devil. It is quite literally addictive.

Hmm, supplememts. I reccommend vitamin e, keeps things shiny. Also, nonohydrogenated coconut oil. You can get it at health food stores in a jar like peanut butter. Blend one tsp into a smoothie. It'll give you more energy and keep your sking, hair, etc healthier. There is also some evidence that it reduced body inflammation.

Fat in food is not the enemy, just choose your types wisely and don't do overboard.