Monday, August 24, 2009

005:It is fine

Posted by -H-

Intake: about 1600 cal
But it is fine i am not going to beat myself up. it is less than a regular person would eat. it is fine i will do better tomorrow. i am not harsh on myself becasue last time it led to a binge. and also i did some exercise so...
i went to town and i walked everywhere no public transportation. well i think i walked at least 9miles today so that is great
WAlking: -500cal
I also did 2 hours of that but not in water, i was in my living room and at the same time i was watching Biggest looser. But really i have no idea how much it bunt cals. ANdd soy for the gross pic but it i a good reverse thinspo...
So if someone could tell me how much it burnt cals that would be great...
SO i have to mention that it is a really good workout for your waste and especially for my gross muffin tops.


heather[hunger] said...

awww thank you so much for your comments :)))
yay for being a senior its not really as horrible as i thought it would be i guess.. idk yet

im glad your not beating yourself up over eating 1500 calories, thats really a good amount for people who eat healhy... i probably sound like such a hypocrite lol
but yeah i almost always beat myself up when i eat alot and i know i shouldnt because if you stay mostly positive it will go smoother.
but i always forget that and sort of freak out, so thank you for not freaking out lol

Rhianna said...

1500 calories is better than 3000, your doing so well hun, remember the slower you take it the better chance you have of staying at a low weight.
I dont know how many cals you burnt, but im sure it burnt enough to make a difference.
Keep up the good work sweets. <3

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Hula hooping! Great idea. Must go get a hula hoop...

Ana's Girl said...

Hey, at least you didn't binge, right? AND you got in a good bit of exercise. Honestly, 1500 Calories is probably the amount you should eat in a day if you were being healthy about the whole weight loss thing, so i'm glad you didn't beat yourself up over it. Tomorrow will be better; i'm sure. Stay strong and much love.