Wednesday, August 26, 2009

007: Yes i can do this.

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Intake: 800 (chicken, apples, banana, slice of bread)
I know it is Quite high but well at least i am not binging. I mean my food plan is so messed up i usually skip breakfast(i know most important meal of the day blah-blah) so lunch will be like 200 cal and then dinner is like i go nuts. But well i mean even if i would eat breakfast and a normal lunch i would still eat the same size dinner as i do on days i skip breakfast. so i may as well fast on till dinner so my cals will be lower for the day. and in my mind that is all what counts. i know that it is more likely that i gain weight when i eat dinner than i eat breakfast because i cant burn the cals before bed but well i am just stronger in the morning than in the evening. So i will stick to what works for me.

On another note i am from now on trying to structure my writings more like i will have actually paragraphs and punctuation marks and a big letter at the start of a sentence. Because before i was so like what ever, i will just write and dont care about that crap but it is so much better to read when everything is in order. I know before i used a lot of this: .... . it usually means an unfinished sentence or thought. And that actually happens a lot to me i have many times trouble to like say out loud the thought or idea i am thinking of. it is like i have everything planned in my mind but i find it sometimes hard to explain others what is in my mind, if you know what i mean. okey, i am now more structured.

I think i mentioned in some of my older post that i am doing my licences. I my country we have to go to a driving school and take some theory and practical ( drive a car around the city) lessons. When the learning part is finished we have to take schools theory and driving tests. And i did my theory test today and i passed. but it was like so close to failing. and i have my driving test on Monday (scary) and after that is done we have to go and do another theory and driving test in the ...(dont know how to say it) Car Register Center. when that is done i get my license and that will be a day i will party like hell. Anyways i have to learn so much for my theory test in CRC because i kind of cheated today. I know i am bad but hell i needed to pass because my driving test was all ready scheduled on Monday. and anyways i need to do a norther theory test and there i cant cheat but i will have at least a month to learn so i will be fine.
Actually i had the chance to to the tests earlier but the thing was that a few weeks ago i was so depressed because of my eating that i even didnt go out of my room so. I dont want to go back to that dark hole again NEVER EVER. That was Just so BAd. i dont even want to think about that.

SO i have Thursday and Friday when my mom is working most of the day and i am home alone. ( my mom had vacation last 3 days and i almost went nuts) Anyway i usually tend to binge when i am home alone and nothing to occupy my time but well this time that will not happen actually i am trying to liquid fast for two days. Well see how i do. i will not beat myself up if i eat little but dont binge. I have actually completed a fast once and it was just one day but you have to start form somewhere. Right.
Liquids: water, orange juice diluted with water, coffee+sugar replacement+milk, tea+milk+sugar replacement.
Things to keep me occupied:

  • Read the book i bought tonight "The Magic of Metaphor"by Nick Owen
  • Repair my tv (the satellite is disconnected)
  • Go to the library
  • Find new thinspo pics and do a collage
  • Make a workout plan for school time
  • Move my moms couch to the right place
  • DO some fucking exercise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Read books when i want to eat.
  • Write 3 pages to my Diary
  • Pluck my eyebrows
  • Pedicure/manicure

My exercising has been so down. My bike is in the cellar because of the renovation and i cant get it out of there for at least a week and i hate running but i better start doing some exercising. I know that if i eat little i will loose but if i will exercise i will loose so much faster and also i want to be toned skinny not flabby skinny so jeah. Better start that exercising plan.
So what are you favourite exercise for abs, but and well everywhere else? I need your help please.!.

OMG so my friend is sending me pictures from our last party and it was just after my binge episode at the beginning of August and i look like a HUGE; FAT; FLABBY GOW. it is so bad i just dont want to look at them. My arms and tights are HUGE i mean they are like Fat all over the place. How didnt i see that when i was eating. BAd me. So now i looked up some pictures from last year when my bmi: 18 and hell i looked so good. Why the fucking hell did i let myself get this point that i cant make a difference between myself and a fat pig. At least there pics what i ot from hear where a big thinspo. i am so sad right now. And this gives me more determination to shed this weight. I WILL DO MY FAST TOMORROW AND THE NEXT DAY AND I WILL ACCOMPLISH WHAT I NEED AND WANT.

I will reply to your comments now (and try to link also):

Heather:Well i was saying i will not beat myself up but in realty we all know that that little worse in you head still goes: what the hell did you eat so much. That voice just stays there weather you want to hear it or not.

Rihianna: Thank you so much. you really made me a bit happier after reading your comment. nice to have you as a buddy.

Lady Destroyed: Jeah you should get that. also i did some research and well you should do at least 45 min everyday for it to work the best. that should not be hard because you can like watch tv at the same time. Like on Mondays i hula-hoop and watch Americas next top model so that an hour of hooping right there.

Ana's Girl:Well it was a half binge i suppose. because i usually just loose it in the evenings. but this time i could stop myself before reaching like 3000 cals.
M is a sweet hart and i love to talk to him and i think i can really trust him anything accept my eating disorders. because i just dont want him to think that i am some nuts girl who cant be happy with myself. In every situation i try to seem confident even if i am not. And i just wanted to say that all your comments are so supportive. Thanks for being there.

CA:Thanks so much for your help. i try to investigate some more and then i will post a table or something here.

Okey this time i even did some links. i am so proud hehe. Now i will go and check out all your blogs. Which should be easy. Because a minute ago i went to the kitchen thirsty as hell and the first thing i found was a big cup of cold coffee left over from my "breakfast" so before thinking i just poured it down and now well i dont really think i will be going to bed very soon.


Ana's Girl said...

Hey, as long as the plan works for you, that's what matters. I'm the same way about being stronger in the morning than in the evening, but i still eat breakfast cuz i'm just dumb like that. Lol.

Good luck on your driving tests. I'm sure you'll do great.

Sounds like you'll keep yourself good and busy. Awesome. Favorite exercises... Hmmm... I like a lot of the exercise routines from Women's Health magazine. I'm sure you'd be able to find some of them online if you google Women's Health mag. I especially love their abs diet exercise routine (but you need a stability ball for it), but all of their routines are challenging and good.

Glad to be of help :)

Jem said...

i'm the same way with skipping breakfast in the morning too because ill just pig out at dinner if i ate or not.

my favorite ab exercises are bicycles they hurt like hell in the beginning but they give you that awesome ab burning which ive heard is literally the burning of calories. and it works your sides and abs.