Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Posted by -H-

Intake: 400 apples
--------150 fish stick
--------200 bread
Total: 750

Outtake: hula-hooping 2 hours -????
being alive 1 day -1300 cal

My basic metabolism rate is 1300 cals. that is what i burn just staying alive.

USA-----UK---European------Bust size------Waist size------Hip size
--0 ------4-------30-------31.5 in/80 cm-----23"/60cm------34"/86 cm --2 ------6-------32-------34.5"-35"/87cm----------26.5"-27"-------36.5"-37".

Well after my research i realize that the numbers are so varied... i wanted to know how little i have to be but well ever page i was on gave different numbers... frustrating. so if someone could help me a little in that department that would be great...


Anonymous said...

Basically what I've discovered is that for every ten pounds you go down a size. So 110 is a 2 or 22, 120 is a 4 or 24, 130 is a 6 or 26, etc. Obviously it differs a little more than that, but that's the easiest way to look at it.

Anonymous said...

Wait, ignore the part about the European sizes, I have no idea how those are measured. lol, The American size part is right though.