Sunday, August 23, 2009

004: Tomatos and apples

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Cant hurt a fly.- Well that expression you cant use when you are describing me because i just killed of at least dozen of those little bastards. I mean i got to bed about 1am and dozed to sleep about 2am and then i woke up a few times because my troth was so dry and i had drink some water... but then i just could not fall a sleep again because the flies where all over my face and they would just not go away so i had to wave my hand constantly to scare them off so no sleeping.. annoying as hell. so i did a little fly manicure a few minutes ago. i had to be careful though because if my mom saw a dead fly corpse on her new wall-paper she would do her own manicure if you know what i mean...

I lost my earring today or yesterday... dam i loved those earring they looked good on me... and today in the morning when i realized it was gone i fist thought that i lost it at my trip to city but i looked around a bit and find the really tiny thing what keep the earring in your ear so i had to loose it at home, but i cant find it. the back of the earring is like so tiny and i found it almost instantly but i cant find a 2cm purple earring ... may i say i was annoyed.
it i just like when i was in town i was so easy to find out all the bus schedules and take a long drive where i had to switch between 3 buses to get from one mall to another in a town i dont know but it took me fucking half an our to find the toilet in the mall even though i had the map of the place... like WTF
i am babbling all over the place sry...

Intake: 600cal what included tomatoes and apples (hint the heading)
-------100cal soup
Total: 800

So my computer just finished downloading Biggest looser season 7. going to just this for reverse and also positive thinspo. also this will occupy some time when i will not be eating.

I had a nice chat with...well lets call him M... i had not heard from him about a month and i can admit it that i really missed talking to him... i met him a year ago and hi lives far away but we meet time to time and also text and have long talks in msn. I just feel that he is a good friend and i trust him more that my friend who i have known for years. and i just love to talk to him. it is so easy... he is a good friend and i think he likes me maybe even wants me as a girlfriend and i really dont know... he is sweet and i can feel that he cares about me so much... and god he is just i dont know so good to me and makes me cheer up and makes me feel like i am pretty and loved... but i dont know if i have those feeling for him or not... i have to sort out my feelings.. and there is also T who i havent seen about 2months and well i still obsess about him... T is more of a abad boy but M is sort of good boy...
M is so observant. i spent tow days with him and he totally noticed my eating was so wrong...
He said:" you know you worry too much about what you eat"
i was just speechless... he piked up that so easily ... just with a day spent together... and my friend didnt take the issue up even when my bmi was like 18 or so.
but he just said one sentence and didnt torched the subject more although we spoke all night.


Rihanna: thank you so much for your support and the guy thing just made my day. :D

Ana's Girl : thank you so much your comments just lift my mood.
jeah being called normal is just so bad for me...i hate to be average or in the middle i want to be the best in everything i do and i want to be the hottest girl...
mediocrity is my worst enemy!!!!

Vee: really hope you find my blog interesting even if it just consist of my obsessions and bitching.
jeah i hate and love shopping... i like to get new nice thing what look fab on me but i hate to try on like thousand shirts in what you look like big fat cow before you find the one what works wonders on you.
Hope you will have a great and loosing ;) week too.

And i am thinking of posting a picture of myself sometime maybe 1 of September. so i will keep it up for a few days so you can match the face and the blog but then i will delete it because i am way to paranoid to keep it up.

Edit: 23.39pm
so i just got out of shower. god i stayed there for so long and enjoyed it, but after that i had to do a hair mask for my really damaged ends, and when i got back at the bathroom to rinse the mask out the water was so freesing...that sgows you not to take so long showers.


Ana's Girl said...

Haha. The same thing happens to me. I can do hard things like there's nothing to them, but when it comes to something that should be easier, no dice. Quite annoying (and rather embarrassing sometimes).

Biggest loser sounds like a good sort of thinspo. I've heard so much about it, but never watched a single episode. Maybe i'll have to do that. Thanks for the idea.

M sounds like such a sweetheart. :) Good luck with sorting out those feelings about him.

I'm glad to hear that i can lift your mood. It makes me feel important. Lol. Stay strong, dearie; you're doing great.